Assisted Living Facilities

Thanks to our knowledge of required regulations when building and renovating assisted living facilities, Beyond Construction is a top-quality choice when choosing a construction firm. We promise 100% customer satisfaction, and are dedicated to finishing our work on-time and on-budget. Additionally, we can bring our work to wherever you need us—we’ll provide lodging and contractors.

Construction Projects

Assisted living facilities provide a key service to a large sector of society, so it’s important that the construction work is done with the utmost care to ensure safety of future residents. Some of these buildings have features like an on-site hair salon or grocery store. Whatever you need built, big or small, we can handle the job.

Remodeling and Renovation Jobs

Maintaining and updating infrastructure to meet changing demands over time is important with assisted living facilities. Updating existing buildings to meet assisted living codes may include projects like widening doorways for wheelchair access or altering room structures to accommodate the needs of disabled people. If you have a project you need done in regards to renovating an assisted living facility, contact Beyond Construction for more information.